Source code for _pytest.tmpdir

""" support for providing temporary directories to test functions.  """
import os
import re
import tempfile

import attr
import py

import pytest
from .pathlib import ensure_reset_dir
from .pathlib import LOCK_TIMEOUT
from .pathlib import make_numbered_dir
from .pathlib import make_numbered_dir_with_cleanup
from .pathlib import Path
from _pytest.monkeypatch import MonkeyPatch

class TempPathFactory:
    """Factory for temporary directories under the common base temp directory.

    The base directory can be configured using the ``--basetemp`` option."""

    _given_basetemp = attr.ib(
        # using os.path.abspath() to get absolute path instead of resolve() as it
        # does not work the same in all platforms (see #4427)
        # Path.absolute() exists, but it is not public (see
        # Ignore type because of
            lambda p: Path(os.path.abspath(str(p)))  # type: ignore
    _trace = attr.ib()
    _basetemp = attr.ib(default=None)

    def from_config(cls, config):
        :param config: a pytest configuration
        return cls(
            given_basetemp=config.option.basetemp, trace=config.trace.get("tmpdir")

[docs] def mktemp(self, basename, numbered=True): """makes a temporary directory managed by the factory""" if not numbered: p = self.getbasetemp().joinpath(basename) p.mkdir() else: p = make_numbered_dir(root=self.getbasetemp(), prefix=basename) self._trace("mktemp", p) return p
[docs] def getbasetemp(self): """ return base temporary directory. """ if self._basetemp is not None: return self._basetemp if self._given_basetemp is not None: basetemp = self._given_basetemp ensure_reset_dir(basetemp) basetemp = basetemp.resolve() else: from_env = os.environ.get("PYTEST_DEBUG_TEMPROOT") temproot = Path(from_env or tempfile.gettempdir()).resolve() user = get_user() or "unknown" # use a sub-directory in the temproot to speed-up # make_numbered_dir() call rootdir = temproot.joinpath("pytest-of-{}".format(user)) rootdir.mkdir(exist_ok=True) basetemp = make_numbered_dir_with_cleanup( prefix="pytest-", root=rootdir, keep=3, lock_timeout=LOCK_TIMEOUT ) assert basetemp is not None, basetemp self._basetemp = t = basetemp self._trace("new basetemp", t) return t
@attr.s class TempdirFactory: """ backward comptibility wrapper that implements :class:``py.path.local`` for :class:``TempPathFactory`` """ _tmppath_factory = attr.ib()
[docs] def mktemp(self, basename, numbered=True): """Create a subdirectory of the base temporary directory and return it. If ``numbered``, ensure the directory is unique by adding a number prefix greater than any existing one. """ return py.path.local(self._tmppath_factory.mktemp(basename, numbered).resolve())
[docs] def getbasetemp(self): """backward compat wrapper for ``_tmppath_factory.getbasetemp``""" return py.path.local(self._tmppath_factory.getbasetemp().resolve())
def get_user(): """Return the current user name, or None if getuser() does not work in the current environment (see #1010). """ import getpass try: return getpass.getuser() except (ImportError, KeyError): return None def pytest_configure(config): """Create a TempdirFactory and attach it to the config object. This is to comply with existing plugins which expect the handler to be available at pytest_configure time, but ideally should be moved entirely to the tmpdir_factory session fixture. """ mp = MonkeyPatch() tmppath_handler = TempPathFactory.from_config(config) t = TempdirFactory(tmppath_handler) config._cleanup.append(mp.undo) mp.setattr(config, "_tmp_path_factory", tmppath_handler, raising=False) mp.setattr(config, "_tmpdirhandler", t, raising=False) @pytest.fixture(scope="session") def tmpdir_factory(request): """Return a :class:`_pytest.tmpdir.TempdirFactory` instance for the test session. """ return request.config._tmpdirhandler @pytest.fixture(scope="session") def tmp_path_factory(request): """Return a :class:`_pytest.tmpdir.TempPathFactory` instance for the test session. """ return request.config._tmp_path_factory def _mk_tmp(request, factory): name = name = re.sub(r"[\W]", "_", name) MAXVAL = 30 name = name[:MAXVAL] return factory.mktemp(name, numbered=True)
[docs]@pytest.fixture def tmpdir(tmp_path): """Return a temporary directory path object which is unique to each test function invocation, created as a sub directory of the base temporary directory. The returned object is a `py.path.local`_ path object. .. _`py.path.local`: """ return py.path.local(tmp_path)
[docs]@pytest.fixture def tmp_path(request, tmp_path_factory): """Return a temporary directory path object which is unique to each test function invocation, created as a sub directory of the base temporary directory. The returned object is a :class:`pathlib.Path` object. .. note:: in python < 3.6 this is a pathlib2.Path """ return _mk_tmp(request, tmp_path_factory)