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Project examples

Here are some examples of projects using pytest (please send notes via Contact channels):

  • PyPy, Python with a JIT compiler, running over 21000 tests
  • the MoinMoin Wiki Engine
  • sentry, realtime app-maintenance and exception tracking
  • tox, virtualenv/Hudson integration tool
  • PIDA framework for integrated development
  • PyPM ActiveState’s package manager
  • Fom a fluid object mapper for FluidDB
  • applib cross-platform utilities
  • six Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
  • pediapress MediaWiki articles
  • mwlib mediawiki parser and utility library
  • The Translate Toolkit for localization and conversion
  • execnet rapid multi-Python deployment
  • pylib cross-platform path, IO, dynamic code library
  • Pacha configuration management in five minutes
  • bbfreeze create standalone executables from Python scripts
  • pdb++ a fancier version of PDB
  • py-s3fuse Amazon S3 FUSE based filesystem
  • waskr WSGI Stats Middleware
  • guachi global persistent configs for Python modules
  • Circuits lightweight Event Driven Framework
  • pygtk-helpers easy interaction with PyGTK
  • QuantumCore statusmessage and repoze openid plugin
  • pydataportability libraries for managing the open web
  • XIST extensible HTML/XML generator
  • tiddlyweb optionally headless, extensible RESTful datastore
  • fancycompleter for colorful tab-completion
  • Paludis tools for Gentoo Paludis package manager
  • Gerald schema comparison tool
  • abjad Python API for Formalized Score control
  • bu a microscopic build system
  • katcp Telescope communication protocol over Twisted
  • kss plugin timer
  • pyudev a pure Python binding to the Linux library libudev
  • pytest-localserver a plugin for pytest that provides a httpserver and smtpserver
  • pytest-monkeyplus a plugin that extends monkeypatch

These projects help integrate pytest into other Python frameworks: